Great Destinations for Horseback Riding

Being on horseback and travelling the world gives a thrill comparable to no other. You get a new perspective of the world while seated on a high place and observing nature. Some of the great destinations for horseback riding around the world are as follows.


India is a destination which will give you a view of beautiful forests, temples, villages and wildlife. It provides different types of landscapes, so visitors are always spoilt for choice. Different parts of Asia have embraced horse racing and are trying to breed rare horses that attract horse riders. People who have horse raced in India give stunning reviews of what they felt while riding.

Golden Circle in Iceland

The distinctive small horses in Iceland are sturdy enough to take several trips across the lava fields. You can use horse riding as a way of experiencing the unique features Iceland has to offer. The hot springs and waterfalls are magnificent to watch while you are on top of a horse.

Hovsgol in Mongolia

Ancient people in Mongolia used to go on their horses to perform almost all their activities from errands to fights. The tradition has remained, and they have some of the most superior horse breeds. This is one of the great destinations for people who love history, as they get to see how people lived in the bronze age.

Cappadocia in Turkey

Cappadocia is also known as the land of beautiful horses. As the name suggests, it offers a brilliant experience for people who want to get away from their busy schedules and embrace a new connection with nature. You can see the underground cities and cave dwellings while seated on horseback.

Costa Rica

Galloping while on the beach is one of the reasons Costa Rica stands out as the perfect destination for horse riders. You can also explore the vast rainforest, wild animals and the culture of the people in Costa Rica.