What to Do When Flying with Pets

It is undoubtedly inevitable that one day you will transport your pet, either within the country or abroad. Transporting pets is not necessarily stressful once you master the rules and adhere to the requirements. If you are transporting your pets using a flight, some of the recommendations are as follows.

Prepare Them for the Travel

It is essential to precondition your pets for travelling, by making them spend time in their crates. If your pets have never used crates, it is time to start training them, so that they do not get distressed during the journey.

Do Not Sedate Them

Resist the temptation to sedate the pets. They should be fully awake and naturally fall asleep. Sedating them may cause further complications, especially when the medication wears off during the flight. In fact, some airlines do not allow sedated pets on their flights.

Get to the Airport Early

Rushing around during check-in can be stressful for both you and the pet. It is certainly advisable to arrive at the airport early and go through the security checks when you are not feeling the pressure of possibility of missing your flight. Moreover, some airlines refuse to admit pet owners who report to the airport late.

Do Not Feed Your Animal Before Boarding

Avoid feeding your pet a few minutes before the flight takes off. Feeding the pet may make them sick and frustrated during the entire trip. They should, however, be hydrated so give them enough water.

Make the Crate Comfortable

For your pet to remain calm during the flight, you should ensure that the crate they are in is extremely comfortable. Use soft materials in the crate and remove any sharp and uncomfortable objects which may injure them. It is always good to ask the airline that is transporting your pet if they provide containers.